After launching Maruti 800 in 1984, Maruti Suzuki launched Omni, a multi purpose vehicle in India which got so popular that you can even see it running on Indian Roads in 2018.

Maruti Suzuki claims that it was the most versatile vehicle in terms of space and utility in the Indian market that time. It was the first car in India which was being used multipurposely as an Ambulance, Cargo Vehicle and People Carrier at the same time as it used to come with an option of 5 seater as well as 8 seater and was available in 4 variants.

Omni has over 15.7 million satisfied customers, but now it’s time to say goodbye to the multi purpose van from Maruti Suzuki- Omni, as Maruti Suzuki announced to discontinue Maruti Suzuki- Omni as it does not comply with the New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program which will come in action from April 2020.

Sources also says that Maruti is ready with the replacement of the OMNI i.e. a 7 seater WagonR. Yes! You read it right, WagonR will get a 7 seater option and also will come equipped with many new features and also will be manufactured as per the norms of New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program.